Greetings duPont Center Neighbors,

I would like to introduce myself and invite you to drop by to say hello when you see me in residence in my new "hot desk" in the duPont Center lobby area.  Below is an excerpt from my website that describes my background as a nonprofit consultant.

Being new to Jacksonville and the duPont Center, I would like to extend to duPont Center organizations a one-hour pro bono consultation.  Use this time to brainstorm on organizational issues, get free expert advice, or focus on organizational issues you may currently be wrestling with.

"Don Fann has been a nonprofit change agent for over twenty five years, specializing in organizational restructuring, revenue diversification and growth, board governance reform, nonprofit formation, and interim executive work.

A 40-year veteran in the health and human services industry, Don has served as a nonprofit executive for many nonprofit organizations, both as a tenured administrator as well as an interim executive resource.  His deep experience in nonprofit operations, governance, and financial management provides a firm foundation for helping organizations diagnose, address, and solve their organizational issues.

Don's prior work in New York City was punctuated by multiple projects serving victims and survivors of the 9/11 and World Trade Center disasters, as well as working as a sustainability consultant with the Red Cross helping nonprofits retool their operations around the disaster."

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