Dear Tenants,

I hope this post finds you well. I’d like to give you with updated staff contacts for the Jessie Ball duPont Center (aka The Jessie), so you know who can help you as you need.

  • Events, shared spaces, collaboration, the building portal:
    Donte’ Palmer, Community Animator:
    M-F @ mobile work station in the Great Hall

  • Building maintenance:
    Amanda Davis and Mike Reischman via the ANGUS portal

  • Policy issues, collaboration ideas, partner intros:
    Mark Walker, Director of the Jessie:
    M-F @ the Great Hall, or the duPont Fund office Suite 300

This said, we all work as a team. If you have any trouble tracking any one of us down, please contact any one of us, and we will make sure you get the help you need. We are also working with your organization’s primary contacts to setup a Slack channel for direct communication with Donte’ and me. Donte’ and I will also have new phone numbers to share with you soon. 

As many of you know, I became the Center’s first Director late last year. My overarching focus is to integrate the Jessie Ball duPont Center’s activities into the duPont Fund’s new strategic focus on equity and placemaking and work to further improve operations with my team so The Jessie remains state of the art and financially sustainable. Many of you have shared ideas for improvements that I, and The Jessie team, are already implementing. I have a bunch of surprises in store for you too. I look forward to working with you and your organizations to make this the best place to work, collaborate and make positive change not just Downtown, but in Northeast Florida.

And the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida team is still a core part of our team. The Jessie will continue to contract with them for programming and consulting that aligns with their new strategic plan. The Jessie would not be where it is without Rena, Issis and the rest of the Nonprofit Center’s staff and our future work would not be as effective without them continuing with The Jessie as a key partner. 


Mark Walker, Director of The Jessie

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