We have done or are in the process of completing the following to prepare for re-occupancy:

  • Installed multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility in all high traffic and high touch areas.
  • Together with janitorial staff, planned for day and night cleaning procedures. We have also used tenant plans to create a matrix for additional deeper cleaning of common spaces when tenant spaces are vacant that day.
  • Obtained ample cleaning supplies that contain the proper ingredients to kill the virus.
  • Installed touchless paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers and automatic flush valves in all restrooms and we are collecting pricing on touchless sink faucets for all bathrooms and will install those as soon as we can get on the vendor schedule. This will make all restrooms  completely touchless.
  • Installing NanoSeptic continuously self-cleaning surfaces to all elevator buttons and high-use, common space door handles (awaiting delivery). This is does not replace regular cleaning or sanitation but is an added layer of protection.  Learn more here: https://www.nanoseptic.com 
  • Installed a button at the security desk button for contactless unlocking of the front door.
  • Used blue gaff tape to mark 6 feet from all elevators as well as other common areas.
  • Dedicated a single entrance and exit as well as up-only and down-only stairwells with proper signage.
  • Spaced out tables and marked some seats to keep empty to ensure people maintain social distance.
  • Put up ample signage throughout the Jessie to reinforce best practices like social distancing, hand sanitizing, etc.
  • Exploring PPE training to offer to your staff.
  • Working to source additional PPE for the building and the your organizations as we believe a bulk buy can save you money and get you access to PPE.
  • Installing a secured document drop outside the front door for contactless document drops for our client-serving organizations (awaiting delivery).
  • Additionally, Mike has used this opportunity to catch up on maintenance items while the building is mostly vacant.

We are also enforcing a few new policies while COVID-19 has no effective treatment or vaccine:

  • Keeping the entrance locked with key fobs required for entry. All visitors are required to use the intercom to communicate with security for contactless entrance. 
  • Requiring face masks in all common areas for staff, visitors, clients and vendors. This includes the shared meeting rooms. We currently have a limited supply to provide masks to those who do not have their own PPE.
  • Limiting meetings in common space to 10 or less. This requirement is dependent on room size. We encourage no more than two in 126, 127, no more than 4 in 142, and no more than 6 in 201. The data shows that time and distance are key drivers for infection, so plan room size accordingly for any meetings to ensure maximum social distance.
  • Temporarily suspending outside event rentals of more than 10 people.
  • Working directly with client-serving organizations to block appropriate common spaces to provide proper social distancing. This includes exploring temporary spaces we can set up within the Great Hall and vacant retail space.
  • Requesting all tenants report internal COVID-19 cases whether they are staff or clients to us immediately.

We continue to urge caution and to only bring back staff, visitors and clients that must be on-site during this time. We are confident that we have done what is within our power to make The Jessie as safe as possible knowing that any space where people gather brings with it inherent risk while there is no effective treatment or vaccine for COVID-19. We will continue to communicate with you and keep you all apprised of further developments as we begin to reopen responsibly. 

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